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Main Lodge

A warm & spacious log cabin, with gorgeous views of one of the many large ponds on the property.

This house feels like home as soon as you walk through the front door, and is ready for entertaining for a night or relaxing for a week.


Sleeps 14

Mini Lodge

It's said that the mini lodge has the best view from it's back porch. A perfect location for a quiet morning coffee or an evening cocktail in hand.

In walking distance to the Main Lodge, it's a great option for extra guests.


Sleeps 4


On the back side of the property, this house is precious on the inside and outside! Like the lodges this house still has beautiful views, a deck for those relaxing moments & even a fire pit for s'mores. 

Sleeps 12

Whether you choose the main lodge, mini lodge,  bunk house or all three, the HCH is the perfect place to relax, reset, and recharge for all of your guests!


It doesn't matter if you are coming from down the road or out of state, with the warmth of our lodges and breathtaking views you will truly feel like you have escaped reality. 

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